Frequently Asked Questions

What is

The website is a way to keep track of what is happening in your community. The website contains information on completed code enforcement actions, build permits, and crime incidents. It is searchable by address and shows the property owner, property tax valuation, condition code, and property tax payments.

Any advice on the best way to access it?

My dallas neighborhood works best using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. We recommend that you not use Explorer for this applicaton.

Where does the data come from? How up-to-date is it?

All of the information is publically available and comes from various government entities. * Code compliance data: updated nightly from the City of Dallas’ open data portal * Building permit data: updated monthly from the City of Dallas’ open data portal * Crime incidents: updated nightly from the City of Dallas’ open data portal * Address level data (owner, value, condition): updated annually from the Dallas Central Appraisal District * Property tax payment data: updated monthly from the Dallas County Tax Office

How can I monitor what is happening in my neighborhood?

In the “search address” box (top left) start typing your neighborhood name. The names of crime watch groups, neighborhood associations, and HOAs registered with the City of Dallas will drop down. Choose one of those neighborhoods to monitor code, building permits and crime in your neighborhood.

My neighborhood isn’t listed. What should I do?

Let us know through the feedback link, lower right hand corner. If your neighborhood does not have a crime watch or neighborhood association, consider starting one. It is a great way to advocate for your community. Most neighborhood associations have some type of crime watch or volunteer patrol as well. You can access the crime watch information at:

How can I keep track of a problem property?

To keep track of things happening with a specific property, you can add it to a watch list. You will need to create an account through the Log In link (top right). After creating an account, you can add an address to your watch list. You will receive an email if something changes relative to code enforcement or build permits for that property.

Why doesn’t it show the full address for crime incidents?

The crime incidents are crimes nearby the property address. The full address is not provided as a privacy protection. If you would like information about an incident(s) at a specific address, please contact the Dallas Police Department.

Can I follow a code violation from reporting through closure?

While we do plan on having this capability in the future, the City of Dallas is still developing the data set that will allow us to make this information available. Stay tuned. We are making improvements all the time

How do I report a problem with the web site or make a suggestion?

In the lower right of the site’s web page is a megaphone and “feedback.” Click on that button and let us know what is wrong or changes/enhancements you would like to see. The feedback function also allows you to include a screen shot so that we can see exactly what you see.

I see a logo for EPIC on the site. What is that?

EPIC stands for Economic Partners Investing in Communities. The Partners are Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the Dallas Police Department, the Mayor’s Grow South, Safer Dallas Better Dallas, and the Community Foundation of Texas. The EPIC Partners are working together to increase public safety, provide homeownership, and encourage economic development in Dallas’ neighborhoods. The web site is part of that effort by helping residents and neighborhood groups track activities and advocate for their community. This website would not be possible without the help and cooperation of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, and the Dallas Central Appraisal District. The is powered by Civic Insight.

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