About This Website

This website was designed to make it easy to understand how Dallas’s neighborhoods are changing over time.

Using this website, you can search for specific homes or browse what’s happening across the entire city, and then subscribe to receive alerts when new information is available.

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This website was provided to you by the EPIC partners.

We at Civic Insight are aligned with the EPIC vision for an improved Dallas - a Dallas where engaged citizens, leaders, and academics are empowered and actively connected in a shared mission of strengthening the economy, improving public safety, and revitalizing the community.

We hope this tool will help all of the great organizations and individuals already working throughout the city.

About the Data

The source of the data found on this website is made available by the City or County of Dallas. The data is updated on a nightly, unless the dataset itself does not change.

More details:

Code Compliance data: updated nightly from the City of Dallas’ open data portal
Building Permit data: updated nightly from the City of Dallas’ open data portal
Parcel-level data: updated annually from the Dallas Central Appraisal District
Tax data: updated monthly from the Dallas County Tax Office

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